In a world obsessed with doing everything, the #domesticphd is our attempt to do just that. Juggling academic life, and trying to do what we love- eating and cooking. But mostly eating.

The #domesticphd had its original kickstart as a Masters, a PhD, and a RD degree ago. While taking time out of our busy grad school commitments and swapping advice on everything from academic woes to our favourite shampoo brands, we discovered a common passion: we are foodies!  Four years later and here we are. Food lovers. Baking champs. Nutrition geeks with all of the credentials. Join us as we turn our formal education into a gastronomic adventure! 

Just like life, the kitchen is a messy place. Expect the #domesticphd to be a wonderfully messy adventure as well. We will concoct new recipes, share our favourite tried and tested, with a healthy side of evidence-based nutrition research. 


Our philosophy is simple. All foods fit. In moderation. Eat the food you love with the ones you love.   


Thanks for stopping by the #domesticphd! We hope it inspires you to get into the kitchen, try something new, and use simple ingredients to create delicious (and healthy) eats! 

Michelle and Kathryn

        Michelle Marcinow, PhD in Applied                                Human Nutrition                                                 -    About Michelle-

       Michelle Marcinow, PhD in Applied                                Human Nutrition                                                -About Michelle-

              Kathryn Walton, MSc, RD       PhD Candidate in Applied Human                               Nutrition                                               -About Kathryn-

            Kathryn Walton, MSc, RD       PhD Candidate in Applied Human                               Nutrition                                              -About Kathryn-