Vegetarian comfort food

Mushroom bourguignon - don't forget to sprinkle with fresh chives!

Mushroom bourguignon - don't forget to sprinkle with fresh chives!

In keeping with my previous post on vegetarian slow cooker meals, I've opted to share another meatless meal with you. Cutting down on your meat intake is good for the environment and your body, but can sometimes feel daunting - especially when you're sick of salad and craving a warm, comforting meal.

Maybe I was missing France, or maybe it was the freak snowstorm we got in southwestern Ontario last week, but whatever the reason, I decided to whip up a batch of this hearty mushroom bourguignon from the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook.

The recipe is full of savory mushrooms and is surprisingly hearty – you totally won’t miss the beef! You can make it with vegetable or beef stock, depending if you’re vegetarian or just cutting down on meat. We used a beef bouillon cube, with great results. I used cremini mushrooms because they were on sale and the recipe calls for a whole bunch (900 grams!), but portobello would be equally delicious – or perhaps even more so!

The recipe took a bit of time to reduce, so making it on the weekend was a good choice. However, it was totally worth it for the delicious, nuanced flavours. We served it over egg noodles, and just whipped up fresh noodles for leftovers throughout the week. This is a perfect meal to prep on a Sunday night and to enjoy on Meatless Monday! As a bonus, the recipe calls for a cup of full-bodied red wine, so you have the perfect excuse to enjoy a glass with your meal. 

Hopefully the next few weeks bring barbeques, fresh produce and seasonal (SPRING!) meals, but for now, enjoy this comfort classic!