What's in the News?

Kathryn and I are currently in Victoria, BC for a physical activity and nutrition conference, so this week we are sharing with you some articles that caught our attention.

Kids in Canada are consuming 5x more sugar than they should be. Is it as simple as just cutting out candy? The answer is no. Sugar is in so many of the foods kids consume, such as packaged foods (baby food, granola bars, yogurt, fruit juices etc). Check out this article in the Globe and Mail discussing findings from Canadian researchers and their perspectives on what parents can do:


A new study suggests that white bread might not actually be that bad for you after all. Researchers have found that for some people consuming white bread doesn't lead to spikes in blood sugar. Why? The effects on your blood sugar seem to vary based on the individual due to their gut microbionme (i.e., bacteria community living in your gut). If you didn't happen to catch the report on the news the other night, check out the following:


Happy reading!

xo Michelle & Kathryn