The #domesticphd Does Wine Country


We are anxiously awaiting the nuptials of our #domesticphd contributor, Sam and her fiance Alex. With the wedding fast approaching, it's time for a bachelorette! We were so excited that Sam was able to come home (from France) to celebrate with all her friends. Sam's sisters (with some help from Sam's friends) managed to plan a weekend getaway for Sam and 15 of her girlfriends (and keep it a surprise!) . The only information Sam knew was that she needed to pack an overnight bag, until that is of course someone spilled the beans by accident just hours before she left for wine country (not by us!).

The bachelorette took place out in Prince Edward County. Although it was insanely hot on the Saturday, it was the perfect day for us to be all dolled up in our sun dresses, sipping and tasting wine while touring around the different wineries. We visited a few wineries, but there are three that stood out to us:

Huff Estates Winery 

Finally getting opportunities to get some pictures together!

Finally getting opportunities to get some pictures together!

The bartender was really informative with each wine that we tasted, providing detailed descriptions about each wine and suggesting what kinds of food or dessert would pair well with each one. We lingered a bit longer at this winery because of the pretty photo opportunity, but also because many of us were making purchases at this place. I think it's safe to say it was a hit for the majority of us. 

I think for most of us, the white wine was favoured over the red at this winery. White wine actually used to be Michelle's favourite, but it often follows with a headache (no matter how much water is consumed!). However, the white wine at this winery fancied our taste buds and was hard to pass up. Michelle bought the Riesling Off Dry (2015) and the First Frost Vidal (2014) dessert wine. Kathryn also bought the Riesling. 

This winery had some really pretty scenery, and there was a cute little shaded patio in the back where we did the wine tasting. We actually enjoyed ourselves so much at this winery that we stayed for an extended period of time and almost ran out of time to get to the last two wineries on our list! It was so hot that the quiet serene patio that we had to ourselves was the perfect setting to mingle and relax. 

I think everyone equally enjoyed both the red and white wine options at this winery. Both of us ended up buying wine at this winery as well! Michelle bought the 2012 Select Chardonnay. Kathryn prefers reds, and so while Prince Edward County is not known for their strong, full-bodied reds, the Cab Franc Select (2011) was delicious, with spicy notes. 

Michelle's 2012 Chardonnay

Michelle's 2012 Chardonnay

Kathryn's 2011 Cab Franc 

Kathryn's 2011 Cab Franc 

This winery makes sparkling wine (Kathryn's favourite) and had a really friendly host. We got a mini tour of the winery where we got schooled on how they make their sparking wine and how wine gets tested by the LCBO before it can get the designation of VQA. We sampled three different sparking wines, but the clear winner was the last one we tasted called Ancestral (2015)- a dark (basically fuchsia sparkling rose- very pretty!) Clearly the winner, because many of the girls purchased that wine immediately after tasting, including Kathryn!

After a full day of sun we took some down time before heading out to dinner at Isaiah Tubbs restaurant. We were so hungry that we actually forgot to document the food! For once though, we took a moment to enjoy our food without being one of "those people" snapping our food pics. The evening ended off on a great note. We played games between courses and took photos outside while the sun was setting. We also watched a bridal party release lanterns into the night sky (perfect foreshadowing for Sam's wedding to come!). 

And what better way to end the evening with dessert, including our very own champagne cupcakes to mark the occasion!

Overall, we think Sam enjoyed herself very much. She has so many great friends who came together to make one special weekend. There were lots of laughs, tears and hugs to be shared. We can't wait until September for the wedding. Let the countdown begin!

Cheers to Sam and Alex! 

xoxo Michelle & Kathryn