Get Involved with Revising the Canada's Food Guide

Aloha friends!

Health Canada is revising the Canada's Food Guide and they want input from YOU! Health Canada has acknowledged that our current food guide needs updating. By doing so they will be able to provide evidence-based practical healthy eating recommendations to help us make better food choices. The feedback provided by Canadians will be used to do the following:

  • Identify ways to effectively communicate nutrition information to Canadians
  • Develop healthy eating recommendations and policies
  • Have a better understanding about different audiences’ use of healthy eating recommendations

Take a moment to think about the changes you would like to see reflected in the next version of our food guide and get involved by participating in the online survey (available until December 8th, 2016):

If you are also interested in learning about how Health Canada is working to help Canadians make informed dietary choices as part of a healthy lifestyle, click here to learn more about Health Canada's Healthy Eating Strategy.

xoxo Michelle and Kathryn