A Feast for the Undead

Aloha friends!

I have no words after Sunday night's episode of The Walking Dead. I'm sure you are well aware by now that I am a huge fan of the show. It has been a torturous six months after the season 6 finale cliff hanger. I am glad I have equally as nerdy friends who have spent the last few months theorizing with me about which characters were going to get killed off. We got our answer, and it wasn't pleasant. In fact, this was probably the most darkest episode as of yet and it was pretty rough to get through. 

How walking dead fans felt waking up on Monday morning.

How walking dead fans felt waking up on Monday morning.

I thought since I threw a little shindig for the season 6 finale, why not throw another one for one of the most anticipated walking dead episodes. The timing was perfect since Halloween is just around the corner. I did not originally plan to get props, but one step into the dollar store and I could not help myself. I picked up fake body parts, a white table cloth and mesh, fake blood, an ax, and some other zombie related props. I had so much fun covering everything in fake blood, especially the tablecloth. I laid the tablecloth out on the floor, rubbed the fake blood all over my hands and just went at it making smears and spraying fake blood everywhere. It took no time to do, but it took a bit of extra time to get the red off of my hands!

The props worked for the theme of the shindig, but they are also perfect if you wanted to plan on hosting a Halloween party. If I was hosting one this year (which I'm not), I probably would have bought more props and just left everything out until next week. If you are not a walking dead fan, perhaps you can find some inspiration from this post for a zombie themed Halloween party.

The ax was the inspiration for my bloody ax cupcakes, since the leading character in the show has a hatchet that he uses to kill zombies [we also were predicting he would lose his hand as he does in the comics to his own hatchet (no spoilers)]. 

These would be perfect if you needed to bake something for a Halloween party because they are so easy to make. I used the black forest cupcake recipe from the time that I made my bleeding heart cupcakes (refer to our Valentine's blog post), and used the cherry pie filling for the "blood". I bought Wilton bloody ax cupcake toppers to go with the theme and I also decorated the platter with a few of the props. Easy peasy!

Not only did we have cupcakes, we also had tons of other foods to snack on. One of my friends bought over some delicious cheese, including brie, fig goat cheese, and aged cheese that was rubbed in espresso. They were all so delicious and we enjoyed the cheese in addition to having homemade kielbasa, salami with prosciutto, fruit, wine, nachos and sweet treats. After stuffing ourselves silly on all the snacks and going on that emotional roller coaster with the premiere, we all felt a little bit undead ourselves!

For those of you with squeamish tummies, I hope I haven't grossed you out too much. If you have made it to the end of this post, we would love to hear about your Halloween decorating and meal/snack planning below in the comments.

Happy Halloween party planning!

...and for those still reeling after Sunday nights episode, I feel ya.

xoxo Michelle