I grew up in a house where food, rooted in Eastern European cuisine, was a central theme. There was always a delicious home cooked meal waiting after a long day, family dinner parties that could feed an army, and baked goods that would make anyone give a second thought to giving up sweets. Holidays were my absolute favourite -- I loved baking with a theme in mind -- and so I started experimenting with cupcakes and sharing my creations with family and friends.

Cooking was something that came a bit later for me as my interest in nutrition and its relation to health grew. I have done research with both pediatric and young adult populations, with a focus on dietary calcium and bone health. I am interested in learning how dietary behaviours may impact our overall health, and I am always intrigued by individual perceptions and motivations towards food and nutrition.

Everyone has their own ideas of what kind of dietary choices works best for them, and it is just a matter of figuring out what those choices are based on health needs, lifestyle and personal goals, while making sure you are enjoying the process! Personally, juggling the academic life while trying to expand my culinary and baking skills was my motivation for the #domesticphd -- a community to share our knowledge, inspirations, ideas, recipes, experiences, trials and tribulations, but most importantly, those blissful moments when there is nothing left for you to say other than "mmmmm let's eat!".