I am a Registered Dietitian whose practice and research is focused on promoting healthy behaviours among young children (prenatally through the preschool years).  My current research focuses on how aspects of the general home may impact child dietary intake and weight status. I aim to share the importance and benefits of family meals and to support parents in developing lifelong healthy habits among their young children!

Food is the one thing that we all have in common. At a bare minimum, we all have to eat to survive, but food also holds so many memories, experiences and feelings. I believe that healthy eating isn't about one nutrient or even one 'super food'; it's about variety and context, and that means something different to each of us. So pick a variety of ingredients (mostly vegetables, but some chocolate) and experiment! Not every recipe turns out, but enjoy the process. Turn off the TV (and put down your phone). Get messy. Eat the food you love. And make memories in the kitchen and around your dinner tables with the ones you love. 


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